Abortion Is Murder

Abortion is wrong and yes, it’s murder. I’m not saying that mothers should be incarcerated for this act. This is the fault of the supreme court for allowing this to become a legal procedure. The mother should however feel emotionally condemned and I believe many are.

While searching on the web about abortion, I found this article.

Abortion Is Not Murder by Jennifer Wright April 13, 2018

"There are a great many facts that conservatives feel comfortable ignoring when it comes to the abortion debate. They can pretend fetuses are indistinguishable from babies, despite the fact that medical evidence tells us fetuses cannot live unsupported, even with a respirator before 21 weeks."

The statement, “fetuses cannot live unsupported” speaks volumes that the fetus is in fact a life. The writer goes on to say if the fetus does not continue to be supported by the mother, it will die.

The article continues.

"They can pretend they feel pain, even though scientific consensus tells us that until at least 24 weeks, a fetus cannot feel anything like pain because they do not yet have the brain connections to do so."

My question here is, what does feeling pain have anything to do with killing a baby.

Also, we know that a fetus goes through a development period, it's a life.

Why is abortion an option? A pregnancy is not a disease or an affliction to be remedied. Pregnancy is where life begins. This is where all of us who are alive and living, is life began. You can't destroy a life, thats the very definition of murder, "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another."

The responsibility of a pregnancy falls on the parents of that baby. It is the responsibility of those parents to protect the life of that baby. If the parents cannot care for the baby, there are many parents that would welcome a newborn to their loving and caring home.

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